Frequently Asked Questions


Q   -   How many copies of the music am I allowed to print after making a purchase from OrganMusicDownloads.com or WardOrganist.com?


  • You are licensed to print and use only one (1) copy of each piece of sheet music purchased from OrganMusicDownloads.com or WardOrganist.com. Any additional copies of music must be accompanied by additional licenses purchased from OrganMusicDownloads.com or WardOrganist.com. Although you are given one (1) opportunities to download the purchased sheet music, only one printed copy per purchase is legal. The additional download is provided solely for your convenience.


Q   -   Can I still purchase downloadable organ music from OrganMusicDownloads.com and WardOrganist.com if I don't live in the United States?


  • Yes, you can purchase downloadable organ music from OrganMusicDownloads.com and WardOrganist.com if you don't live in the United States. We suggest that international customers pay through PayPal, since PayPal accept many different currencies. If PayPal accepts your currency then you can purchase music from OrganMusicDownloads.com and WardOrganist.com.


Q   -   I don't have a PayPal account and don't want to sign up for one. Can I still purchase music from OrganMusicDownloads.com or WardOrganist.com?


  • Yes, PayPal also allows anyone to make purchases using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover) without having a PayPal account. Simply follow the on-screen instructions for paying without a PayPal account.


Q   -   I am not receiving any E-mail from OrganMusicDownloads.com or WardOrganist.com. Is there a problem?


  • If you are not receiving E-mail from either site (especially those generated automatically after completing the purchase process), please verify that it is not arriving in your spam or junk mail folders. Please contact us through the website or the address listed above to notify us of the problem.


Q   -   I downloaded some sheet music, but I can't find where the file was downloaded. Can you help me?


  • Most browsers now open PDF files by default. Save the file to the directory of your choice after it has opened in a new window. If your browser does not open the file directly it is most likely saved to a default location (e.g., to the Desktop or, depending on your operating system, to a special "Downloads" folder). You may contact WardOrganist.com if you have difficulties with your downloads.


Q   -   Do I need to use a special program to open, view, and print the sheet music I download?


  • All of our sheet music is provided in portable document format (PDF) and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please visit www.adobe.com to download the application if you do not currently have it installed.


Q   -   How long does it take before I'm able to download the sheet music after it has been purchased?


  • You are able to download the file(s) immediately after completing your purchase. You may also log in to you account to download the music later.


Q - How much time do I have to download the music after it has been purchased?


  • The download link(s) remains active until the music has been downloaded.


Q   -   I purchased music from OrganMusicDownloads.com or WardOrganist.com for the first time using PayPal and had not finished downloading my order when I was logged out. How can I download the remaining music?


  • An account was created for you automatically if your first purchase was made with PayPal. A temporary password was sent to your specified email account. If you did not receive a password, or the one you received was not active, please request a new password (remember to change it after you log into your account).


Q   -   Why does the downloaded music have a copyright notice?


  • The music you downloaded is copyrighted. You receive an license document with the music and an e-mail receipt for the number of copies you purchased from WardOrganist.com. This constitutes your proof of purchase. These documents, together with the music, show the music was legally downloaded. The copyright notice remains on the music for a reminder to others that additional copies are illegal.